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Make FVTC Machine Tool YOUR Choice....

With a Machine Tool Technician diploma from Fox Valley Technical College, you will have the technical knowledge needed to get your first job in the machine tool industry.  The program uses an "individualized instruction" approach, allowing students to progress through course work at their own rate of learning.

A person in machining occupations may work as a machine operator, apprentice or journeyman in a maintenance shop, machine shop, or tool and die shop. He or she will plan the sequence of operations needed to successfully complete the process of material removal.  A machine tool technician will read and interpret blueprints, and use hand tools and precision measuring tools.

Browse through the web site, then contact a counselor to see if the machine tool area is the right field for you! If interested, start with the getting started link.

For more information on this program, contact Jon Stenerson or Kelly Curran.

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