Assessment Sharable Content Objects

These sharable content objects are research-based and provide both interactive opportunities for you and information you might find useful in your classes.

bulletThe Language of Assessment
bulletDefining Types of Assessment
bulletLanguage of Assessment Strategies
bulletAn Assessment Decision: Traditional or Performance?
bulletUsing Diagnostic Assessment in the Online Classroom
bulletUsing Traditional Formative Assessments in the Online Classroom
bulletAssessment Methods: Quantitative and Qualitative
bulletUsing Performance Assessment in Online Courses
bulletUsing Peer Assessment in the Online Classroom
bulletUsing Summative Assessment in the Online Classroom
bulletAn Assessment Issue: Grading
bulletAn Assessment Issue: Security

Additional links on assessment issues:

Peer Assessment

bulletStudent Peer Assessment
bulletPeer Assessment
bulletSelf- and Peer Assessment

Sample Tools and Strategies

bulletSample Assessment Tools
bulletChecklists that make great, adaptable, samples:
bulletAssessment Resource

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Date last updated 01/09/2006