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Lathe Project Sheets - List of Projects

Directions: Click on a Project below to see the project step sheet or the project drawing.

Straight Turning Between Centers
    Straight turning between centers
    Draw Tube
    Thread Diameter Turning
    Left Hand Thread

Cutting External Threads
    O. D. Threading

Chuck Turning
    Spindle Lock Knob
    Top Handle Body
    Crank Handle

Chuck Boring
    Lock Collars
    Crank Handle Body PS 11F

Chucked Internal Thread Cutting
    Draw Tube
    Screw Jack Body

Lathe Maintenance
    Lathe Maintenance

Lathe Identification
    Lathe Identification

    Installing and Removing Work-holding Devices
    Process Planning - Tap Handle 2 (casting setup)

Straight Diameters to Tighter Tolerances
    Gear Spindle
    Screw Jack Screw

Tapers with Offset Tailstock
    Lathe Center

Tapers with a Taper Attachment
    Gear Spindle

Tapers & Radii
    Index Pin

Boring with a Steady Rest
    Boring with a Steady Rest

Turning with a Follower Rest
    Follower Rest Exercise

Alternate Thread Forms
    Metric Threads
    Acme Threads
    Left Hand Threads

Lathe Operations
    Grinding a Tool
    Grinding a Threading Tool
    Grinding a Grooving Tool

Lathe Speeds & Feeds
    Setting speeds & feeds